My name is Melissa. I am a hobbyist digital artist who’s crazy about character design. I have a degree in Business Computer Technology with a preference for software but I’m hoping to move into desktop publishing and being an author. I mainly use manga art but I also love fantasy art, manwha and fine art styles.

I decided to begin my streams because I’ve seen a lot of sources that tell you how to visually develop a character but they seemed superficial. That’s why I wanted to show that there’s a way to develop a well rounded character and that you need to tie in the intangible elements with the visual ones to create a character with impact. My main goal is not to teach people how-to-draw but to teach people how to truly create. 

I’ll be using a lot of different programs,styles, and approaches to character design because mainly I want people to create their own processes for creating great characters. Characters and their quality can really impact a creative project and I hope I can help people learn to truly bring characters to life.

Join me every Friday-Sunday on Twitch for character design sessions and in the future games,software and other features. You can view my schedules,vote on content and suggest characters here  and I wholeheartedly encourage you to create with me and share your work on the forum. You can also check out my Twitch channel for more info and how you can support me.

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