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  • Access to suggest generators and sampler characters
  • A Teaser version of the extra character showcase (1-2 characters) and some details on what the content preview and design resource were when I post perk packs
  • Sampler character weeks:8/5/19,11/29/19 & 12/27/19

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  • Middle and high range tiers will get an extra post of any bonus characters made during the week on Saturdays if applicable


  • Non-patrons and all patron tiers will have access to the initial sketch phase and anything constituting as a sketchdump or doodle
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Book Related Benefits


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  • Only $12 and up will get chapter previews
  • All patrons pledging $12+ will be able to suggest one or more characters for the Character Studio books and be credited for the tutorial idea in the book
  • All patrons at the $60 tier will receive a signed copy of every book I publish (pending active patronage and good standing at the time of publishing)