Suggest a Character Generator

Do you know about an awesome character generator I haven’t used yet? Let me know with the form down below and I’ll check it out!

Please Note:

  • It can be as simple as a flash game or as complex as a commercial software.
  • It must be capable of making completely original characters so please avoid sending me links to fan-based games unless they are capable of making OCs and not just fan recreations of existing characters.
  • If it’s something that is paid or commercial it may take me longer to get to but I’ll do my best to look into every suggested generator.
  • Please make sure you give me a decent description for the generator so I can have some idea of how to fit it into a theme week if possible.
  • If you are a developer and would like me to showcase a character generator you’re working on please let me know in the description area of the suggestion form.