Hi There!

My name is Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso. I’m an ever-evolving hobbyist digital artist,a passionate blogger on mental health and creative topics,aspiring author and a general lover of things that are weird,cute,or awesome. I’m a creative on the autism spectrum with a special passion for character design trying to make a few dreams come true and kill the stigma on disability one creative work at a time.

I’m in my thirties and a small town PA resident. Some things I like are dogs,the color purple, technology, and food. I have an associates in Business Computer Technology. Some of my other interests are desktop publishing,roleplaying and listening to music.

I’m currently working on self-publishing my first book the “Character Designer’s Journal” and I’d love if you took a look at the sample of it under the Works menu.  You can also check me out on Patreon,Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by!