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Please pardon the dust a little, folks!

I’m trying to get all the galleries up to date so they might look a little messy right now. Between having some health problems and underestimating how much the extra character collections would add I just lost track of them but I’m doing my best to get them all caught up.

Galleries are being worked on in the following order:

  • Regular Patron-exclusive archive (In progress)
  • Special Character Collections (Next in line)
  • Fanpro Friday (Due)
  • Sampler Archive (Due)
  • Facebook Galleries (external)-(Due)

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  • Months are sorted with the most recent at the top so older galleries will be further down.
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Disclaimer: Even though all of these characters are made in a generator they are still copyright Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso 2018. All rights reserved. Please do not alter,repost,print,or resell the characters in any way,shape,or form.

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Collection List

Daily, Bonus, and Extra characters are made in E-pic Character Generator which is a really great,intuitive, and option packed generator I would highly recommend. It produces beautiful characters for nearly any genre,has a great amount of packs and content you can buy for it and is available on Steam.You can also check out their website at

Theme characters are ones I make in other generators for usually a week at a time.

Guest generators
Special Character Collection Preview Tokens
Order by:
Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates-Abigail
« 1 of 14 »
  • June/July 2018: Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates
August 2018
Order by:
#20 Alice in Wonderland
« 1 of 6 »
July 2018
Order by:
#14 Mucha Lady
« 1 of 6 »
  • Sampler Character #14-Mucha Lady (Modern Mucha)
  • Sampler Character #15-Black Kimono (Kimono Maker)
  • Sampler Character #16-Child at Heart (Childish Look)
  • Sampler Character #17-Neon Summer (Neon Summer)
  • Sampler Character #18-Fire Elemental
  • Sampler Character #19-Aquatic Superhero
June 2018
Order by:
Prince Charming
« 1 of 9 »
  • Sampler Character #7-Prince Charming
  • Sampler Character #8-The Princess & The Explorer
  • Sampler Character #9-The Princess & The Pirate
  • Sampler Character #10-Faerie Princess
  • Sampler Character #11-Lizardwoman
  • Sampler Character #12-Birdman
  • Sampler Character #13-Woodsman
May 2018
Order by:
Pirate Queen
« 1 of 4 »
  • Sampler Character #3-Star Senshi
  • Sampler Character #4-Alien Princess
  • Sampler Character #5-Pirate Queen
  • Sampler Character #6-Cyborg Dandy

April 2018

Order by:
Scorpion Gladiator
« 1 of 2 »
  • Sampler Character #1-Dragon Queen
  • Sampler Character #2-Scorpion Gladiator