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Kofi Character Requests


Thank you for supporting me via Kofi!

General Request Guidelines

  • Licensed or insufficiently described characters will not be accepted. Seriously, if I have to guess too much neither of us will be happy and I may not be able to fill the request and I don’t want to infringe on someone else’s IP as a rule of basic conduct.
  • All requests currently will be generated via ePic Character generator and done to the closest match possible to your request form. I will then convert the generated character into a vector and send it to you and you are free to use it for any personal/non-commercial project you choose. Character sketches as an alternate creation option are an incentive I have as a milestone on my Patreon.
  • Please note that some options may not be able to be done perfectly via the character generator right now but I will try my absolute best to create the best result possible.
  • Any requests deemed to be controversial,offensive,illegal or otherwise not acceptable will be rejected. You will be notified of this via e-mail depending on the situation.
  • If the field is marked (if applicable) and you don’t need it please leave it blank. The form is detailed to allow for deep description but it makes the form a lot easier to read if you just leave the non-required ones you don’t need blank. Again, If it’s not a required field and you don’t need it the form will still send if nothing is selected.
  • I am currently limited to what bases I have (adult male and female) and do not have a readily available base for non-binary characters or children. If you would like to request a non-binary character, please let me know in the additional character notes and I can try my best to piece together the character by mixing from different packs in the generator. It will still be pretty experimental and results will be mixed. I will also need as many visual references as possible.
  • Please do not select more characters than what qualifies for your contribution amount. I will only take the number of slots applicable in number. For example, if you contributed $5 and fill in three slots I will only process the max slots available for your contribution amount.
  • If you choose to suggest a character that is an unlisted or original race,results may vary and postwork will likely be required. Please be aware that this may increase the time it takes to complete your request and it will be the closest match but likely not a perfect one. If it is an original race, please provide as much visual reference as possible.
  • I did the best I could to test the new form but please let me know by messaging me on Twitter or using my site contact form if you find bugs or have issues.
  • You can now input up to three different looks,hairstyles and props for your character. At least one hairstyle and outfit are required per character. You can also have multiples of one and not the other. For instance, you can have three hairstyles but only one outfit.
  • If you are requesting 2-4 characters, it would really help me out if you specify what kind of group it is or if it’s multiple forms of the same character. I’ve tried to include what I thought were the most likely options that would apply but it makes it easier for me to create the characters if I understand their relationship.
  • Please note that not all bases have the same clothing,prop and skin options. I’ve tried to indicate which options may have limited options like skins,clothing etc. and I will try my best to supplement the more limited bases in postwork when possible.
  • Each look for your character will be put together by number. For example, the first look will consist of the first hairstyle,outfit and prop. Please keep this in mind while filling out the form and set up your options accordingly. If you have more of some items than the other I will use my best judgement or you can specify how you’d like it put together in the notes for the character.
  • If your character is bald I will still need you to specify a hex color to be applied to the eyebrows.
  • Please make sure this is the correct form before you fill it out. If you haven’t donated to me on Kofi and are looking for a free request I have a Lite request form. If you’re a Patreon supporter there is a Patron form. If you’re a patron who used ko-fi to make a one-time extra contribution then use this form but check the “I’m also a Patron.” box so I can properly prioritize your request.
  • Please make sure you use the e-mail and information linked to your kofi contribution so I can verify your contribution amount. If I can’t verify you have made a contribution and how much it was, I can’t honor your request.

How many characters can I request?

  • $5+ donors can only request one character at a time
  • $10+ donors can  request two characters at a time
  • $20+ donors can  request three characters at a time
  • $40+ donors can  request four characters at a time

Here’s what’s New as of 9/12/21!

New render style available!-You can now get your character rendered to look like beautiful painted concept art.

  • You can now add a stand,token or card to your characters.
  • You can now specify delivery,licensing and render options per character instead of having the same settings for every character.

Need some Ideas? Check out these sites to find or create references to send for your character.

Clothing and Shoes

Hairstyles,Nails and Makeup


Please Note: Since this form is large, it may take a few minutes to process and send. Please don’t panic if it seems to be taking a long time or seems stuck. It may take some time for it to process the multiple form parts and attachments.