Suggest a Daily/Sampler OC

Please note:

  • This form is made to meet two goals. If you’re a patron your suggestion will be used toward the Daily OCs and if you’re a non-patron it fills the void of a non-patron character request function and your suggestions will be used for sampler OCs.
  • If you’re a patron suggesting a daily character please make sure you choose the right option and use the e-mail address tied to your Patreon account.
  • This is a cut down version of the character request form. Only required fields need to be filled in to send the form off so if a field isn’t applicable or isn’t something you want to fill in then just skip over it. Like the character request form I tried to leave in room for details but if you fill in non-applicable fields it just makes it more confusing to interpret the form.
  • These requests are being done in E-pic Character Generator so the resulting character that gets made will be as close a match to requests as possible.
  • There is no limit on the number of suggestions you can send but in the case of the samplers there are only two non-theme ones a month and I will be taking them in order received and non-consecutively. This means if you are a non-patron submitting multiple suggestions there will be an effort made to do requests from others between the multiples for the sake of fairness.