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Please pardon the dust a little, folks!

I’m a little bit behind on updating this page and the character archives. I got sidetracked by some health issues and I’m in the process of getting  the web page here updated.  I’m going to be working on the galleries first and then going through and seeing where some of the other pages might need a slight spruce up or update but since I’m always doing things in Patreon it always gets updated pretty frequently, so it will generally always have the most up to date project stuff. I will also be doing a slight overhaul on the book and Character Kit project pages soon as well, since there are some big changes ahead for the book and finally some more substantial updates to attend to with Character Kit.

The following things are currently being worked on:

  • Regular Patron-exclusive archive (In progress)
  • Special Character Collections (Next in line)
  • Fanpro Friday (Due)
  • Sampler Archive (Due)
  • Facebook Galleries (external)-(Due)
  • Updating the support and front page (In progress)
  • Reviewing and updating CDJ and Character Kit project pages (Due)

The Character Designer’s series is all about a brand new way to tackle character design. The book is the ideal guide for learning to develop a character inside and out and not just another how-to-draw series.Whether you’re a roleplayer,writer, artist, or even an aspiring manga-ka the series can help you create a well-rounded and unique character for any project.Learn more about it and read the sample book under the “Works” menu.
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Thoughts of an Aspie is my weekly blog where I discuss practical and honest mental health and life topics.
Did you know “Thoughts of an Aspie” is going to be turned into a book? Read more about it here!
  • [October 10th ] The Weight of Words:Big Thoughts on Small Talk
  • [October 24th ] A Closer Look at Self-Medication
  • [November 7th ] Skills & the Mind: Do Motor Skills Equate Intelligence?
  • [November 21st ] It’s not That Simple: What it’s Like to Live with an Autoimmune Disease
  • [December 5th ] Searching for Words: A Real Look at Selective Mutism
  • [December 19th ] Life Under a Shroud:What it Truly Means to be Suicidal
  • [Hiatus for New Year’s ] December 30,2018-Jan 25,2019
  • [February 13th ] Who has Moral Responsibility?
  • [February 27th ] How to Discover Your Unique Form of Structure
  • [March 13th] When we Choose to Accept
  • [March 27th ] The True Cost of Living
  • [April 10th ] The Harm in Holding on: How Emotions Can Kill Us
  • [April 24th ] My Personal Dances with Death
  • [May 8th ] What People Can Learn From a Dog
  • [May 22nd ] My Journey to Becoming my Own Boss
  • [Hiatus for publishing prep ] June 2019-Late 2019
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Creative 5 is a bi-weekly blog formatted to highlight creative top fives like “5 Reference Sites Every Figure Artist Needs” and “5 Ways to Beat Creative Blocks”.

  • [October 12th ] Five How-to-Draw Sites That Won’t Empty Your Pockets
  • [October 26th ] Five Avatar Makers You’ll Actually Love
  • [November 9th ] Five Great Tools for Room & Setting Design
  • [November 23rd ] Five Artist Manikin Must Haves:Animal Edition
  • [December 7th ] Five of the Best Promotional Product Websites
  • [December 28th ] Five Awesome & Affordable Photoshop Alternatives
  • [Hiatus for New Year’s ] December 30,2018-Jan 25,2019
New Blog! “My Creative Corner”

“My Creative Corner” is going to be a patron-exclusive blog with a 5 issue preview that will be premiering on the site hopefully in late Fall of 2018 but possibly in early 2019. It will cover a range of creative topics as well as technology,creative industry, and of course character design. I am currently in the planning stages of the series.

Character Kits are a new and innovative way for character artists to source and utilize visual references with an inspiring twist. Learn more about it  under the “Works” menu.

Character Kit is prepping for a relaunch in mid 2019!

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