by Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

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 Please note:

This sampler is not a full ready-to-publish version of the book. It will have image placeholders and some of the sample chapters are only partial. Content will be subject to some degree of change between the sampler and the final published book. Please do not print,copy,redistribute,resell or otherwise steal the sampler.

Updates have been made to this sampler as of 1/15/20 to reflect the new book structure I developed in 2019. I still used pieces from the old sampler PDF though so please make a note of the following:

  • Some of the chapter markers are technically wrong  but I kept them because the section titles are correct
  • The cover title is wrong but I kept it as is because the rest of the design is still accurate
  • This new sampler is the Character Designer’s Handbook only and I currently don’t have or plan to do samplers for the other two books for a good while
  • The page numbers are wrong so ignore them and just focus on the actual page content

Thank you and I appreciate you not cluttering my inbox or comment form about the above inconsistencies. I know they exist and I left them there intentionally because I really don’t have the time to completely redo the sampler pages. Aside from the book being a slight Frankenstein project it is in fact mostly correct and I’m fine with that.

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