Character Designer’s Series Feedback Surveys

This page will be for all the surveys related to my upcoming book series. These are closed surveys  that will be exclusive to my patrons and I will use the feedback to put the actual book together so in essence the surveys allow you to be spiritual authors to the book. Most of the surveys will work relatively the same and have similar questions but all of your opinions have the potential to help shape the final published book and that’s pretty exciting.

Before we get to the surveys I do have a few guidelines for survey participation.

  • Please fill out the survey completely and honestly or not at all. You aren’t required to do the surveys as a patron or even do all of them. You can do all of them,some of them, or none of them. That’s up to you.
  • Please just do the surveys one time each. It will make it a lot less confusing for me.
  • Please don’t share the links to the surveys. Not only will they not show up since this page is patron locked but these are meant to be a patron perk and not something the general public can access.
  • You must have contributed at least one month as a patron for your response to count. If you just become a patron long enough to access the hub, leave a response, and then end your patronage before you actually complete a successful pledge then your response will not count.
  • Please complete all surveys indicating the e-mail address tied to your Patreon account. This allows me to verify that the response is valid and you have contributed at least one month’s pledge to meet eligibility for book surveys.

So that’s it for rules. The surveys will start small for now and be the cover and section one in the fall quarter but I’m really excited to be able to take that step in really getting my patrons involved in the book project.

Survey #1 Book Covers (front & back)

For this survey it will be pretty simple. Below the survey are the galleries of the different designs and the actual survey is just you telling me what your picks on the designs for each book in the series are and what back cover color you prefer.These are draft covers so they aren’t super huge and some of them have been made using comp images so they might have watermarks showing. As you’ll notice there are a ton of design variations because when I was going through covers I wanted to visualize all the design and color combos I could. Please feel free to take your time looking through them. I’m aware all the covers have the old title of the main book on them but I’m really not in a position to redo all of these and I apologize for that. The only real difference will be the titles though.

  • Character Designer’s Handbook will use Design #1
  • Character Designer’s Workbook will use Design #3 or #4
  • Character Designer’s Encyclopedia will use Design #2
  • Back cover options will be the same for each book

Please Note: These galleries are patron-exclusive. Please do not share,save,redistribute, or alter the images!

Front Cover-Design #1
Front Cover-Design #2
Front Cover-Design #3
Front Cover-Design #4
Back Cover