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Lite Character Requests


Do you have an idea for a character? Send me your idea and I’ll try to make it a reality!

General Request Guidelines

  • Licensed or insufficiently described characters will not be accepted. Seriously, if I have to guess too much neither of us will be happy and I may not be able to fill the request and I don’t want to infringe on someone else’s IP as a rule of basic conduct.
  • All requests currently will be generated via ePic Character generator and done to the closest match possible to your request form. Some options may not be able to be done perfectly via the character generator right now.
  • There is no limit to the number of requests you can put in but depending on volume the requests may be taken non-consecutively to allow for other people’s requests to get done as well and will be secondary to requests from my patrons.
  • Any requests deemed to be controversial,offensive,illegal or otherwise not acceptable will be rejected. You will be notified of this via e-mail depending on the situation.
  • If the field is marked (if applicable) and you don’t need it please leave it blank. The form is detailed to allow for deep description but it makes the form a lot easier to read if you just leave the non-required ones you don’t need blank. Again, If it’s not a required field and you don’t need it the form will still send if nothing is selected.
  • I am currently limited to what bases I have (adult male and female) and do not have a readily available base for non-binary characters or children. If you would like to request a non-binary character, please let me know in the additional character notes and I can try my best to piece together the character by mixing from different packs in the generator. It will still be pretty experimental and results will be mixed. I will also need as many visual references as possible.
  • I did the best I could to test the new form but please let me know by using the site contact form if you have issues with it.
  • Please note that not all bases have the same clothing,prop and skin options. I’ve tried to indicate which options may have limited options like skins,clothing etc. and I will try my best to supplement the more limited bases in postwork when possible.
  • If your character is bald I will still need you to specify a hex color to be applied to the eyebrows.
  • If the recaptcha doesn’t show up on the form,please try refreshing your page.


Did you know you can do even more with your request as a patron or as a kofi contributor of $5+? Become a patron here! or check out my kofi page for more details!

  • Request 1-5 characters at a time (based on tier)
  • More reference slots
  • A maximum of 3 props,hairstyles and outfits per character
  • An option to get a vector of your character and a layered PSD file as well as an option to use the generated character in a non-commercial/personal project/application
  • An option to request NSFW or gory characters
  • An option to request character races that are not listed or an original race
  • More options for extra parts and features
  • Commercial licensing for all $40 patrons
  • An option to add a token,card and stand to your character


Here’s what’s New as of 12/24/20!

  • I’ve taken out any options that can’t really be done via ePic so you won’t be filling out fields I can’t actually use
  • I’ve increased the number of files that can be attached so you can put in more reference images.
  • I’ve changed the color selection to use hex codes for better color accuracy in your character request

Need some Ideas? Check out these sites to find or create references to send for your character.

Clothing and Shoes

Hairstyles,Nails and Makeup