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Manga March 2024 Voting Form

by Melissa
What is “Manga March”?

Back in 2018 I started doing an event called “Manga March”. During Manga March I went through and showcased creations made in the Manga Creator series by Rinmaru Games. Since then it became a bit of a tradition for me and I’ve done one every year. As you may well know, 2020 marked the official deprecation of the Flash browser plugin and the Manga Creator series is indeed flash based. I was fortunate enough to come across an application by Bluemaxima called Flashpoint which actually preserved the Manga Creator series. That being said, I wanted to continue my tradition but with some changes. I chose the three gems from the entire game series and I also wanted to make it so people could provide me some creative input on the creations.

Voting is open to everyone,even if you aren’t currently supporting me on Patreon.

I am leaving this current poll open until February 2024 and then I’ll switch out the options that win out and refresh it for the next event.

You can now vote on pretty much every character I create for the event. Options for the teacher,female student,band members & nurse have been added. Some of the options have also gone from having five vote options to six.

Big thank yous to everyone who submitted votes for the 2023 event. You can find that one and all my past ones on my Patreon .