The Creative Portfolio of Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

HTML5 Demos


This page is going to be for all of my programming demos and HTML5 projects. I am currently working when I can at learning HTML5 so this page will basically have any tutorials,documentation and demos available for the projects I’m building. Most of them right now will just be small projects I’m doing for the purpose of learning specific skills and functions but I’m working toward some fuller apps and maybe some character builders in the future.

App Information

Couple Creator 1.5

Please Note: The demo for this project is patron-exclusive. I decided to pull it from full public access since I’m in the process of turning the assets used into vectors for sale, but I give all my Patreon supporters full access to archived demos as a perk.

I’ve posted documentation and a tutorial for this project on Patreon so feel free to check it out and use it to make your own dress-up game or character creator!

What is Couple Creator?

Couple Creator was my first demo HTML5 application. The app was meant to be a simple project I could work with while I learned some programming basics.  The application allows you to put together a character couple or trio from pre-made character images. It allows for multiple couple configurations and each character sprite can be flipped and moved. There are currently 275 character options in the program.

Objectives of the Project

Since my ultimate goal is to work toward character building applications I focused on learning the basic essentials for dress-up game mechanics.

Assets and Tools

I used Construct 2 for this project and utilized vectors and assets I just had on hand. The character sprites are from my Fanpro Friday project and were built using ePic Character Generator Pro. The other assets are graphics I made myself in Photoshop with vectors I had from other projects.

Project Status

This project is currently completed and nothing more will be added to it. I will be moving on to some other projects that build on the basics I learned doing this one.