by Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

Please Note:The app may stall or hang for a moment when loading due to the large number of pictures loading up for the main layout of the app. The app may have some minor issues working well in Chrome 

I’ve posted documentation and a tutorial for this project on Patreon so feel free to check it out and use it to make your own dress-up game or character creator!

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What is Couple Creator?

Couple Creator is my first demo HTML5 application. The app was meant to be a simple project I could work with while I learned some programming basics.  The application allows you to put together a character couple or trio from pre-made character images. It allows for multiple couple configurations and each character sprite can be flipped and moved. There are currently 275 character options in the program.

Objectives of the Project

Since my ultimate goal is to work toward character building applications I focused on learning the basic essentials for dress-up game mechanics.

Assets and Tools

I’m using Construct 2 to build applications and for this project I used what I could quickly make with vectors and assets I just had on hand. The character sprites are from my Fanpro Friday project and were built using ePic Character Generator Pro. The other assets are graphics I made myself in Photoshop with vectors I had from other projects.

Disclaimer & Usage

This project and it’s output are purely non-commercial. All the assets are my property and are not royalty-free or under Creative commons. They are copyrighted with all rights reserved and anything made in this demo can only be used for personal and non-commercial with required attribution  and the provision the “Made by” stamp is not removed when you save your files.

Project Status

This project is currently finished for the most part. I may come back in later to add characters to it but there’s not much more I can do with it besides that at this point. I will be making a special edition of this app to go in my patron perks that will include a larger amount of characters and possibly more features in the future.

Contribute a Character

If you’d like to send me a character you have an idea for I will try my best to generate it and include it in the app. Please note that there is no compensation for character suggestions,monetary or otherwise and the generated character will be my property while the suggestion for it will be attributed to you.

Please note:

  • This is a cut down version of the character request form. Only required fields need to be filled in to send the form off so if a field isn’t applicable or isn’t something you want to fill in then just skip over it. Like my character request form I tried to leave in room for details but if you fill in non-applicable fields it just makes it more confusing to interpret the form.
  • These requests are being done in E-pic Character Generator so the resulting character that gets made will be as close a match to requests as possible.
  • There is no limit on the number of suggestions you can send but please send only serious suggestions and give me as much data as possible to work with.

Embed Instructions

I realize embedding things like apps or dress-up games is normal these days, but this project is in the format of an HTML5 page so there is no easy way to embed it.  You can create an iframe that links to the location on my server, provided that you stick to the recommended size of 800 x 600 if possible and post the information below with it.  It would also be nice if you could shoot me an e-mail to let me know when you’ve added it your site. I will try to keep this section updated when and if the app updates to new versions.

Iframe Code (Replace “dot” to make active)

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App Information

Couple Creator 1.5

Developed by: Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso


Description: Couple Creator is a simple application that allows you to build a couple from 80+ pre-made characters that can be used for non-commercial/personal uses only. Please be aware that this application was a simple demo made to use as a way to learn some basic programming functions and while it works is far from perfect.The app may stall or hang for a moment when it initially loads due to the large number of pictures loading up for the main layout of the app and may have some issues running in Google Chrome.