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Patron/Backer Participation Surveys

Last Updated: 12/29/17


Please direct any inquiries about the project to or via the contact form on the site. You can also follow me on Twitter via @themeinav for project updates and other creative tweets!

One of the unique approaches of my book project is that I’m going to be actively factoring in the opinions of backers and patrons when it comes to the content and design of the book. Since I am using both platforms I had to take a unique approach to collecting results. It is possible to filter things in WordPress for patrons only but this would exclude the Kickstarter backers so there will be a few things to note here:

  • You will be prompted to enter your name and e-mail associated with either Kickstarter or Patreon so I can link the survey to an active supporter. If this field is not filled out or that information can’t be matched up I will delete the survey results submitted.
  • Please pay attention to the dates on the survey. If it is submitted after the end date of the survey’s run the submission will be deleted even if it is from a backer or patron. This is because the surveys follow my writing schedule and depending on how late you’ve submitted it I may be done with that chapter or in the final stages of it already. If I don’t prioritize my writing schedule it will hold up publishing.
  • Any incomplete surveys may be rejected.
  • Any surveys containing inappropriate material will be rejected.
  • If you miss a survey,get a survey rejected, or submit it late you may risk your eligibility to receive the art book reward later on. Please note you must complete at least 8 surveys  in addition to either being a joint or core patron to receive the art book.

Current Surveys

  • Cover Design Survey (January 2018-March 2018)-Coming soon!
  • Chapters 1-1 to 1-3 (January 2018-March 2018)-Coming soon!
  • Chapters 1-4 to 1-6 (January 2018-March 2018)-Coming soon!

Upcoming Surveys

  • Chapters 2-1 to 2-5 (February 2018-March 2018)
  • Initial Design Survey (February 2018-March 2018)
  • Chapters 2-6 to 2-10 (March 2018-April 2018)
  • Chapters 2-11 to 2-14 (April 2018-May 2018)
  • Chapters 3-1 to 3-4 (May 2018-June 2018)
  • Chapters 3-5 to 3-8 (June 2018- July 2018)
  • Section 4 (July 2018-August 2018)
  • Section 5  (August 2018- September 2018)
  • Release & Packaging (September 2018-October 2018)
  • Rewards & Incentives (November 2018- December 2018)

Expired Surveys