The Creative Portfolio of Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso




Project History

The HaevenArts project began in 2009 when OekakiArt shut down.I like many was searching for a new place to draw but what I found were dead overcrowded boards filled with your typical anime fanart overload,spam,and commentary that looked more like a shoutbox conversation.That’s when I decided to set up my own board.One board turned into ideas for a variety of boards and a simple rule set turned into real policies and real changes.That when the first draft of HaevenArts was born.Over time I’ve researched and compared boards and art communities all over the web to compile a feature list and policies worthy of not just an oekaki site but a bonified artist community and I have high hopes that this year will be the one that makes my draft into a reality.

2017 will be the reveal of a new face for the project. I’m teaming up with Micah Maloney of First Taste Multimedia and my goal is to create a new and better model for the online Artist Community. Instead of cliques and social media overpowering creativity the focus will be on the arts and on a variety of arts. Oekakis will still be part of the project and they will still be different as intended but there will also be outlets for writing, comics, A/V, and possibly even digital sculpting. The aim is to create an open  community center sort of feel in a digital setting but also to promote an environment where artists can share, communicate, learn and grow without being distracted by ads or drama. I hope to have some more details later this year on features.

Just keep your eyeballs on this blog or my twitter for project updates!