The Creative Portfolio of Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

Fanart Requests


Please note:

  • NSFW suggestions will not be accepted. 
  • Requests will be done in order received on streams set aside for fan based requests. If there are more original than fan requests the original requests will take first priority.
  • If you have put in consecutive requests your first one will be taken and then any additional ones will be taken non-consecutively for the purpose of fairness to other requests.
  • Any requests deemed to be controversial,offensive or otherwise not acceptable will be rejected. You may or may not be notified of this via e-mail depending on the situation.
  • Please do not harass me via e-mail if you haven’t seen your request done right away. I will try to do all requests in the month they were sent but it will depend on volume and how long each request takes. I’m not going to cram requests in as I feel it’s better to give each request a fair amount of effort. Harassment may result in your request being rejected if it becomes an issue.
  • Please note that the art done from your special request will be considered property of the artist and the original content creator. I do not sell fanart based on principle so please do not ask.
  • I will notify you via e-mail one week before your request is going to be worked on during the stream so you’ll know to tune in!
  • Future options may include possibilities to suggests couples,teams,animal companions etc. but it won’t be possible at the the moment.