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Fanpro Friday


Please pardon the dust a little, folks!

I’m trying to get all the galleries up to date so they might look a little messy right now. Between having some health problems and underestimating how much the extra character collections would add I just lost track of them but I’m doing my best to get them all caught up.

Galleries are being worked on in the following order:

  • Regular Patron-exclusive archive (In progress)
  • Special Character Collections (Next in line)
  • Fanpro Friday (Due)
  • Sampler Archive (Due)
  • Facebook Galleries (external)-(Due)

New characters every Friday!

Please Note:

  • All the characters are made in E-pic Character Generator which you can buy on Steam or check out their website at .
  • Character designs are inspired by the designs from the Fanpro project. You can check out the tumblr at  for more information on that and to see the full library of designs.
  • I didn’t look at any of the head canons created for any of these. The designs are just based on the design file images and my own ideas and interpretations.
  • While I do appreciate sharing, these characters shouldn’t be resold,redistributed or used without permission in or on anything.

Please take a moment to rate the characters! Popular characters may be used for future merchandise or downloadable wallpapers.

How to rate/comment on a character
  1. Click on the gallery to bring up the lightbox.
  2. There will be a bar of icons under the character.Click the speech bubble to enter commentary or click the star to rate.
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