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Generate my Sketch! [Beta]


Sometimes you have a great idea for a character but you don’t have the drawing skill to truly visualize it on paper or just want a more solid reference image. That’s absolutely okay! Not all writers and character designers are artists and even those that are need a helping hand with visual references here and there. That’s why character generators exist.

The Generate my Sketch project is something I came up with as not just an interesting way to do character requests but also something that could act as a sort of creative trade. I get to do what I love which is character creation and generating content and you get a file to use as a character reference or avatar as well as a project plug.

What is the point of this project?

The main goal of this project is actually to find creative ways for me to generate content that falls in line with my love of character design but beyond that I know there are a lot of people who love character design but don’t always have the drawing skill to visualize characters themselves and may not be able to afford a nicer generator like E-pic. The visual design of a character is important so one of my goals for this project is to help character designers who aren’t artistically inclined with creating nice visual representations of their characters.

For the moment I’ll be testing the project out in this early phase by just using E-pic but in the future I’m thinking of expanding it out to hand-drawn renditions as well. I’m just testing the water on how well this idea will take off first.

Are there any restrictions or rules on submissions?

Right now the only restriction is that the character concept must be original and must be safe for work. Also, due to the limitations on body types and content I would ask that you submit with the idea the render will be as close as possible and not spot on.

When will my character be generated?

I don’t have a set time for the first release of renders. I’m probably going to wait until I get a decent batch of them and do them that way as opposed to one at a time. I will make sure to send you an e-mail once your character has been done and of course send you the actual file.

So how does this work?

Step one: Send me a sketch of your character.

Step Two: I will render the character as best and as close as possible in E-pic Character Generator and post it to my Patreon with links to your page or project so you can get a free plug while I have some content to post as a trade.

Step Three:I’ll send you the rendered character and you can use it however you’d like, though credit for the generated creation would be appreciated. The character concept is still completely yours. I’m just happy to help you bring the character to life and gain some inspiration in your creative process! I’m even happy to pass on a few design tips or character creation advice if you’d like it.

Sounds Great! How do I get involved?

Just fill the form out below.