The Creative Portfolio of Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso



Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

Location: PA
E-mail: or

I’m a small town geek with an associates degree in Business Computer Technology. I’m also a poet, fiction writer, web designer, novice digital artist, and occasional photographer. My current aspirations are in graphic design.I also like to dabble in basic programming and desktop publishing.When it’s time to relax I like listening to music,singing,freeform roleplay,drawing,hanging out with family and friends,refurbishing and building computers,and playing puzzle and strategy games,especially backgammon and checkers.

I don’t watch too much tv but I’m an occasional otaku and I love Boomerang and Adult Swim.I’m also very obsessed with anything Scooby-Doo (except for the parts with Scrappy-Doo….you know why).My gaming system of choice is the Nintendo DSi XL and the Wii.My favorite games are Cooking Mama and Mario Party.My technology brands of choice are Adesso, Lenovo, Droid, Wacom and HP.

Some more of my favorite things are…

Color:purple and black

Music Genre: anything except country or gospel but pop country is okay…

Music Groups: AFI,Wonder Girls,Hikaru Utada,Koda Kumi,Boa,Aucifer,HIM,Namie Amuro,Ayumi Hamasaki

Anime Character: Shigure from Fruits basket,Vampire Hunter D,pretty much all the guys from Fushigi Yuugi

TV Show/Movie:American Dad and Spaceballs

Food:whatever doesn’t eat me first….and isn’t a vegetable

Drink: Root Beer

Season: it would be winter if I could hibernate….I guess spring if I had to choose

Animal:German Shepards,Welsh Corgis and bats

Random Fact: If I were an anime character I’d be Ayaka Kisaragi from phantom Quest Corp

A Little Bit About my Art…

My art style is….A mix of manga,manwha and fantasy.

I use a….Ugee 1910b tablet to draw.

I love food and sleep.

My Deviant Art account is…

Add me on Skype/MSN with…

My favorite mediums are…CG and prismacolor pencil.

My favorite tools are…the pen,airbrush,and watercolor tools.

My favorite art styles are…pin-up girls,ukiyo-e,and manga art.

My favorite artists are…Hyung Tae Kim ,Utamaro, Mucha and Chiho Aoishima.

I love to collect…Christopher hart books and The How to Draw Manga series.

My favorite oekaki app is…ShiPainter Pro.

My favorite software is…Manga Studio EX5 and Photoshop CS5.

My favorite subjects to draw are…fairies and mermaids.