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My 2018 Twitter Schedule


Hi there Peeps and Patrons! 

I put that little thing above out recently and I wanted to do a brief informative post on what my Twitter activity will look like moving forward. It’s always been kind of hard for me to keep a handle on Twitter in the past but I feel like putting some more focused energy into it is a good move so I can build some consistency and deliver better content through it.

Moving forward in May I will be scheduling tweets to post hourly from 8:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M.

Creative Content

I’m going to increase the creative content to 3-7 creative quotes and 3-4 deviation shares a day. I’m also planning on bringing back some more classic creative stuff like creative tips,artist bios,famous paintings etc. in summer. One change I’m making with deviations is that instead of doing one per artist a week I will pick out six deviants from my notification stacks and alternate a few of their pieces throughout the week. This makes it a little quicker for me to put the deviations in and means I can promote more of a person’s work each week. If I get to 300 followers I will start doing daily characters on Twitter that will be similar to what I do on Patreon but instead of the more complicated 3D ones they will be 2D ones that spotlight things like Heromachine and some other notable but more lightweight character creation tools.

Promotional/Project Content

I’ll still be tweeting some promotional stuff so obviously any quick updates to things I’m working on but I will also be reducing my promotional tweets to three of the daily timeslots instead of them being the majority. I condensed some of the promotional stuff so that it can alternate days within the three set timeslots.


I will be trying to reduce my retweeting but it doesn’t mean I won’t still retweet stuff in between my scheduled posts if I find something fun,inspirational,or creative I want to share. Other things to expect of course are that I’ll still be sharing things from my WordPress and Patreon pages to Twitter and that includes a share of the sampler character I do on Fridays for non-patrons on my Patreon page and a share of when I post my weekly blog.

The New Schedule

The official schedule is as follows:

8A.M.: Creative quote from

9A.M.:Deviation share from DeviantArt

10A.M.:Creative quote from (Will temporarily be a Kickstarter promo until June 4,2018) 

11A.M.: Support promo (alternates between Patreon and Kofi links)

12P.M.:Creative quote from

1P.M.:Deviation share from DeviantArt

2P.M.:Creative quote from

3P.M.:Book promo (alternates between sampler posters and video)

4P.M.:Creative quote from (Will temporarily be a Kickstarter promo until June 4,2018)

5P.M.:Deviation share from DeviantArt

6P.M.:Creative quote from

7P.M.: Social media promo (alternates between Facebook and Twitter)

8P.M.:Creative quote/Deviation share alternation

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