Character Assessment

To get started with  your work order I need to get to know your character  better. Knowing your character inside and out means that I can infuse things like their personality,lifestyle and preferences into their design while working with them. For convenience you can save your progress if you need to and come back to any profiles later. If you have multiple characters or batches of characters this form can be used for all of them. Also please note that each section will have room for additional notes if there’s something you’d like to provide that doesn’t have an applicable field.

This profile is a little long but not all of it is required. The more information you can provide me, the better. The purpose of a longer profile like this is mainly for me to learn about the character but also so you can be challenged as a creator to explore your character in more depth if you’ve never completed a profile for them before. A PDF copy of this profile will be added to the client portal for you to have after it’s received.

Please make sure you use the e-mail address tied to your work order for the form.

Section #1 is all about a basic profile of your character. This is the most important part of the profile, especially for the first phase where we’ll be developing your character’s look. If you don’t have exact measurements on things like your character’s weight,height or age those are optional fields  and it’s fine to just go with the general options. We can always figure out more specific measurements when the anatomical model is reviewed. This section is also about learning about your character’s preferences and personality. If you don’t know everything it might be a fun time to think about those things and flesh out your character a little more, but otherwise you can just fill out what applies and what you feel like providing. Some of these preferences and favorites can actually be very vital once we get into things like developing hair,wardrobe or props because it helps me personalize those things more for your character.

Section #2 delves into your character’s relationships and background. If something doesn’t apply, you can skip it and you can also enter multiple names if that applies to the character.You can fill in  as much or as little of this section as you feel is needed.

Section #3 is the longest and most detailed part of the profile. It’s a more extensive and fine-tuned physical profile of the character where you can define head to toe and also describe things like extra appendages,mutations and minute details in features. You can fill in as much or as little as this part as you want and not all of it will apply to every character. The most important part to define if you do any of this part at all is the face of your character and if they do have additional parts or non-human parts this is really the only place on the form where you can define them.

Section #4 is for any sort of battle related data about your character. You can skip it or fill in parts that apply but it may not be applicable to all characters. This section is mainly so that if the character does have things like powers,attacks,weapons or skills related to combat situations I can incorporate those as needed in the design process.

Section #5 is a sensory,skill and emotional inventory for your character that is completely optional. You can skip it if you like or fill in what applies. This section adds to how well I understand your character’s personality and how they express themselves but it is completely up to you how necessary it is.

If you have any visual references for the character,please make sure you put them in close to completing this profile in the client portal or by sending them to me via e-mail. Once this profile is completed I will reach out to you to confirm I have it and start working on the anatomical model for your character which may take anywhere from a few hours to possibly a week depending on the complexity of the character.

If you have any issues or questions while completing the form you can save your progress and reach out to me by mail with them.

Only submit the form when you feel it’s truly complete. Once it’s submitted it can’t be edited.