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Five Avatar Makers You’ll Actually Love


In the midst of the popularity of the internet and social media, avatar makers have become a hot commodity. We use avatars all the time to fill in the pictures of profiles of everything from social media to discussion forums. Avatars have become essentially our “face” when we seek to indulge in the virtual world. But there are a lot of avatar makers out there and it can be hard to find the one that you feel represents you the best. Today on Creative 5 we’ll look at a list of some of the best avatar makers out there so you can put your best digital face forward.

By Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

As always I want to start by saying that these are my personal picks. If these don’t suit you, I would encourage you to check around. There are a ton of avatar makers out there and more popping up all the time.

#1 Anime Face Maker

Anime Face Maker is a flash application made by Gen 8, who also made the amazingly fun and popular Chibi Maker. This app is just as fun and impressive with a nice clean interface, beautiful art and a ton of options. It’s also available as an app on your phone.

#2 Mega Anime Avatar Maker

This avatar maker hails from the always impressive Rinmaru Games and truly is mega. It features the awesome art of Prince of Red Roses and the well designed interface and myriad of options you’d expect from a Rinmaru game.

#3 Missangest Avatar Maker

This avatar maker is from Missangest Games, a site I’ve covered in the past and even used for daily characters for my patrons. The art is beautiful, the interface is user-friendly and the options are numerous.

#4 Charat Chibi Icon Maker

It should be noted that Charat has a ton of fun avatar makers on it but this one was my favorite by far. It’s simplistic,adorable and fun to make.

#5 Avatar Maker

This very straightforwardly named avatar maker is a bit more realistic cartoon style and has a simple interface packed with a lot of options.

BONUS #6 Abistation Portrait Maker

This might be one of the longer standing avatar makers on this list and also one that has nostalgia vibes for me. There are a number of cute avatar makers on Abistation but this one is the one I recall using the most to make avatars back in the day. The art style is unique and while it may not look as polished as some newer avatar makers,  it does have a lot of options and is really fun to use.


#1 Celianno Face Generator

This one is not as feature-packed as some of the other ones on the list. It’s currently hosted on Elouai and is a very basic avatar maker based off of the Face Generator files made by Celianna.

#2 Lunaii Dollmaker

Lunaii Dollmaker is a nice little avatar maker made in classic dollmaker style. It has a lot of options and a really cute cartoonish art style.

#3 Avachara CharaSelf

Avachara has a number of various avatar makers worth checking out but my favorite was the Charaself which lets you make a really cute cartoon style avatar.

#4 Anime Avatar Maker by Heglys

This avatar maker is somewhat close to the one by Gen8 but with it’s own flair. It doesn’t have the same number of options but it does have a cute anime art style, stylish interface and still a decent amount of customization options to pick from.


In a sea of avatar makers it can be a daunting task to find the one that represents you the best. Hopefully today’s article will get you pointed in the direction of the perfect tool for your perfect avatar.

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