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Five Dress-up Game Sites Worth Checking Out


“Five Dress-up Game Sites Worth Checking Out”
By Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

Once upon a time and what seems like an eternity ago in internet time, flash was introduced and with flash came the cockroach of a trend that is flash games. But out of all the things associated to the flash format, the most infamous is perhaps the dress-up game genre. Today on Creative 5 we’ll look at some of the gems you might be missing that exist in the deluge of dress-up and fashion flash games on the internet.

The Guilty Pleasure of Flash Gaming

Flash is one of those things that exists that has  somehow  developed a horrible reputation. It’s hard to believe that it used to be the new kid on the block but now we’re trying to obsolete it. But I think for younger generations it can be even harder to believe that flash used to be a huge source of entertainment. For the generation I’m from, flash was actually a pretty big deal and sites that had archives of flash games experienced a tremendous amount of traffic in comparison to their popularity now.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Flash games are awful,right? Well the answer is yes and no. While a lot of flash games are indeed awful and earning the memelike reputation flash has nowadays, flash is a capable platform and is capable of producing nice things when the right developer gets a hold of it. I’m actually a huge fan of killing time playing flash games and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s just hard to not have fun playing them, even the bad games. It’s like that strange satisfaction you get watching a good bad movie. If you don’t believe me, try some of the sites in today’s article and see if you don’t find yourself in the deep rabbit hold that is flash gaming after an hour or so.

Flash in Character Design

When it comes to character creation, flash games can truly be hidden gems for sparking ideas. As an example I’ve showcased a number of flash games that are far beyond capable of producing beautiful original characters through my Patreon. Heromachine for example, which still holds a strong following of users today, is a flash application and is often praised for it’s quality and performance.

While there are certainly notable limitations like the lack of games based around male characters or the sometimes simplistic art styles, flash games can be great inspiration for things like a basic character design or even just designing wardrobe and hair. One of the reasons that I frequently create characters using them for my patrons is to show that some of them are truly capable of creating character designs and shouldn’t be overlooked as creative tools. You might see them as cheap games but if you use them the right way and find the right one, it can easily be a character creation tool or at the very least a viable source of inspiration.

The Picks
Doll Divine

Doll divine is a site that is perhaps one of the top contenders in the flash game sites that exist today. It not only looks great but delivers very organized and well-curated games with very little that will disappoint. Doll Divine notably has a good number of games you won’t find anywhere else and even more that are just standout games for the excellent art and concepts. It’s a site I would highly recommend if you’re wary and want to avoid sifting through garbage to find treasure.

Visit Doll Divine

Azalea’s Dolls

Azalea’s Dolls is another standout flash game site,rife with variety and quality. Everything is well-curated and very organized. Additionally, the site itself has a really fun design and the site exclusive games alone will keep you occupied for hours.

Visit Azalea’s Dolls

Missangest Games

Missangest Games is not just a game site but also an experience. While the site looks great and has a nicely organized array of games, the crown jewel of it is definitely the exclusive characters creators which not only feature beautiful art but also allow you to create truly unique original characters.Notably, I also love that this developer has started doing dual development in html5 and flash as opposed to just dumping flash like a hot potato and proverbially flipping off the people who still love flash games like many developers have done. If anything, I would highly recommend checking out some of the exclusive games. They look great and are so much fun to use. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Visit Missangest Games

Rinmaru Games

Rinmaru Games probably doesn’t need an introduction. Thanks to the beautiful signature art of Prince of Red Roses paired with excellent content and clean design, it is one of the giants in not just flash games but also some of the best avatar makers you’ll find online and their unique and iconic Manga Creator series just to name some of what you’ll find there. I would encourage you to discover this site on your own though. The Manga Creator series alone is a ton of fun and you won’t be sorry you visited.

Visit Rinmaru Games


I will admit that when I first came across Stardoll, I was expecting a bunch of mediocre celebrity-inspired flash dress-up games. What I discovered was that Stardoll is a lot more than that. It’s actually an approach that combines the novelty of flash with a community experience and fun design tools. The design tools are genuinely fun and add to the appeal of the site and I love that you can share your designs and even enter little contests. If you’re looking for dress-up with an added bonus then I would definitely hop on over and take a look at Stardoll.

Visit Stardoll

Bonus! Candy’s World

Candy’s world is definitely one of my favorite flash game sites. In addition to a nice selection of general games, the exclusives feature a gorgeous art style and a level of customization and performance you’ll be hard-pressed to find in most flash games these days. If you’re looking for a good sort of different in flash games, I would highly recommend checking out Candy’s World.

Visit Candy’s World

Honorable Mentions
Shidabeeda Games

Shidabeeda Games is a small but mighty site with some nice little gems on it. While it isn’t quite impressive enough to make the main list, it is definitely a site worth checking out!

Visit Shidabeeda Games


Elouai is another site that probably rings a bell for some. It has been around for quite a while and helped popularize the tiny drag and drop style dolls that still have a bit of a cult following to this day. Most notably it is also the home of Roiworld now. Despite Elouai definitely starting to show its age a little these days, it’s still worth a visit to at least make yourself in the iconic Candybar maker.

Visit Elouai

Dress Up Games

This site is probably somewhat of a veteran in flash game sites but manages to still have a place for me. Despite it being a bit overwhelming on first impressions, it’s actually pretty well put together in comparison to some of the other really huge sites I ran across that were just messes filled with garbage games. The majority of the games linked on the site are good and while you will have to sift a lot more than with some of the sites on the main list,you’ll probably still have a good time browsing the site overall.

Visit Dress Up Games


Flash may appear to be on its way out but it’s also an important part of the history of internet culture and an often overlooked milestone of technology. Flash became a cornerstone platform for game development and continues to inspire small time developers while still intriguing audiences willing to indulge in the undisputed bad movies of PC gaming. If you have some time to kill in the future, why not try some flash games? You might be delightfully surprised just how much fun you’ll have!

Thanks for reading this issue of Creative 5!

Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you prefer flash or html5? Do you like to play flash games or have a site you’ve gone to I didn’t mention? Please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment or using the contact form on my site here to reach out to me. Also if you like my work  and would like to see more of it or support it I’d love it if you’d check out my Patreon page or follow me on Facebook or Twitter via @themeinav! 

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