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Other Assessments


Now it’s time to get started developing details for your character base. If you have multiple characters or batches of characters the forms on this page can be used for all of them. Also please note that each section will have room for additional notes if there’s something you’d like to provide that doesn’t have an applicable field.

For convenience you can save your progress if you need to and come back to a form later. It will require you logging into the site at this time. There’s a walkthrough that’s been added in your client portal that will explain your available forms and have your User ID and an initial password in it.

Please make sure you use the e-mail address tied to your work order for the form.

If you run out of room to upload visual samples you can put the additional content into the client portal.

If you have any issues or questions while completing the form you can save your progress and reach out to me by mail with them.

Only submit the form when you feel it’s truly complete. Once it’s submitted it can’t be edited.

Please only fill out the fields/sections relevant to your character. There are a lot of fields on the forms but if you don’t need them they’ve been set up to show n/a or not applicable. These forms are also designed to be expandable to different package options. If you aren’t sure how many items come with the character you’re filling the form out for please refer to your informational file.