Welcome to the Patron Hub!

What is the Patron Hub? It’s a place where my awesome patrons can be part of my creative process and access cool exclusive content.

What can you do right now?
  • Submit a question for the next Q & A
  • Submit a character request for original characters
  • A form for sending me ideas for daily OCs or suggesting generators you’d like me to try
What’s coming up Next?
  • Surveys related to the content for my book the “Character Designer’s Journal”
  • A patron exclusive blog series on character creation
  • Design aid and character base downloads
  • Desktop wallpaper downloads
  • Character design tutorial kits
What’s coming in the future?
  • Contest entry forms for the character contest (2019)
  • Store related promotions once my Redbubble and Gumroad stores open
  • A special patron-only commission price list if I ever begin doing commissions
What else is being considered?
  • A form for fanart requests
  • An oekaki board & forum

How does the Patron Hub work?

In order to access the Patron Hub you need to be a contributing part of my Patreon community. You can join me on my creative journey for as little as $1/month and become a driving force in my creative projects as well as become eligible for some awesome post-publishing promotional items once my book is published.

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