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A Comprehensive Review of Hosting Part II


I’d like to do a little addendum to my last post which was a review of the hosting service at 110mb.

First a little update to the sections I already did.


Since my last post my site is gone.You heard me right…gone..G-O-N-E.Apparently (and this was supposed to be a valid response according to them) it will be fixed after all the other things get fixed.So basically it’ll be done when it’s done.Now why shouldn’t that totally and completely comfort me? Thanks guys…Thanks a lot.At least have the decency to stop boasting 99% uptime.You can’t even do 0%….


Surprisingly the support got worse and I think I’ve figured out the problem.I’m not a Premium user apparently.I’m a “legacy” user.What does that mean exactly? It means if you sank your money into the company that they agreed to legally purchase before they owned it you’re the equivalent of bat guano to them and they just seem unable to help you with anything.Wouldn’t it be something if all businesses operated that way? Imagine going into a starbucks and having your cashier say “Well you paid that price with the last cashier.Now I’m in charge and I can’t provide that service unless you do things my way”

Remember folks….stupid people buy businesses too and you don’t have to prove you can actually run a business to do that.God bless America…..


Now to be fair t50 claimed I was ranting and may I say in unashamed french…no shit.Why wouldn’t I be ranting? I’ve been ignored,ripped off and given no answers.Maybe if you don’t want to tick your customers off you should find a response that shows you give a damn about their problems instead of writing them off after they’ve sunk over $60 into your service,a service you are legally responsible for regardless of when you bought it and then after months and months of losing project time because you couldn’t even keep the site online for more than a few days . Now of course t50’s initial excuse for not answering was that I used sentences instead of questions.Mind you during this grammar lesson he/she went about 3 or 4 sentences not using proper syntax or capitals at the beginning but who’s being picky right? Again be a professional here.All businesses deal with angry customers.You can’t just pick and choose what customers you service.If that were the case about 90% of America wouldn’t get technical support.I’ve been there before and if I waited for people to be intelligent and reasonable I’d spend years on a call.There’s a difference between “I can’t” and “I won’t” and then there’s “I don’t feel like it” which is really where we are at this point.

You might wonder how this could possibbly get worse so let me tell you.They deleted more than one of my support tickets.You heard right folks….

My ticket just magically closed  and didn’t get a response on multiple occasions.I think if I actually put together all the responses I’ve gotten from them I’d have one paragraph that was 60% broken record.

Lots of Excuses

They still have a ton of excuses.The fun part is when you tell them you want to hear an elaboration on one of their cookie cutter responses.You’d think it would encourage them to step up and give a real answer but they either just ignore it or give you the same line again.You might think I’m exaggerating on the ignoring thing but here’s a for instance.I posted a support request in the forum  and had to post a reminder on it for over three weeks saying that it hadn’t been addressed.I finally had to include in the title “please answer this! It’s been sitting here over a week”.There’s no reason a paid user should have to beg for support.

Oh,that’s right! I’m a legacy user! Apparently calling me a legacy user makes my money monopoly money and my time and problems worthless.

Technical Prowess

Recently I proposed this to them:

“-Why is it not possible to just take a new account and apply premium upgrades?
You upgrade accounts everyday.I could delete the Haevenarts account and switch over to the new one.As I’ve said quite a few times I have receipts.You could see these receipts,know what I paid for which was all the premium services for life.It’s a simple exchange of services.I pay for them and you activate them. It’s called a custom solution for a customer. A lot of reputable companies do it.

-Here is why I want this solution to be considered:
My main goal is to not have a dead web address interfering with people who are say googling the site.I don’t want them to find a dead page and miss the working page for the project.I will also be extremely upset (for lack of more explicit terms) if I have to eat the money I’ve invested in this account and I certainly hope you can at least step up as reputable company and make a good faith effort to help me with this situation.I really hate to be rude or pushy at this point but I have to be honest and say I’m very angry about this whole mess and I feel I have every right to be.I shouldn’t have to beg for support that I’m paying for.I realize this is an atypical customer situation but you’re the only hosting company I’ve ever used that just doesn’t even bother trying to resolve customer issues.You always have a can’t but you never have reasons why.I’m sure there’s a simple way to put my request into action if you really roll the idea around in your heads.”

This is a simple common sense solution that they claim is impossible.They have no problem advertising premium services and activating accounts everyday for other users but it’s not possible for me apparently.They admitted in another part of the post that they do have admins that can migrate accounts but I guess they don’t do that for us abandoned “legacy” users.

The bottom line just seems to be that they don’t know what they’re doing and just don’t give a damn and they’ve made no attempt to prove this accusation wrong.The real kicker is that they claim all customers get treated the same so good news…everyone gets crappy service!

People Problems

Ever heard that term of “being a people person”? Apparently this company hasn’t.Listen to me very clearly here people! If you bought into 110mb prior to 2010 you are screwed!

They’ve done nothing but treat me like garbage and that’s in addition to giving me crappy service.If it’s possible they’ve actually treated “legacy” users worse than their regular clients but to be fair that’s just taking a slightly bigger crap in one spot than in the other at this point.You will most likely have to eat your money if you bought the premium service for life and good luck getting any support for your problems.

In conclusion I am going to have to eat 70 bucks because this company was purchased by idiots.If you know what’s good for you do not under any circumstance use this hosting company!!!

Also do your part and blast them on all the webhosting listings you can find.You could really be saving someone else a lot of problems.If you’ve had a bad experience with a company you have a right as a customer to complain.

My next step is to report these guys to the BBB so if anyone happens to find contact information or addresses on this company please let me know.The sooner this shabby company gets shut down the better.

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