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A Comprehensive Review of Hosting Part III (conclusion)


So at this point I’m officially done with 110mb but I thought I’d leave you with some interesting links.

Places you can read and post customer reviews:

You might find my reviews on more than a few of these sites.If it’s not there I’ll have something to next time I’m bored.To be fair most of the good reviews which aren’t that many are from the Pre-RocketForce era or very soon after the change in owners and really aren’t a help to them at this point.It just shows the horrible crap-filled toilet the company’s  been flushed down in the last two years a little more clearly.While you look at these consider this about the first two pages of a google search for “110mb reviews” and over half of them are right on the money with everything I’ve said about them.I doubt going to page three and beyond would have made them look any better.

Other User Reviews I found:

I was a good sport and threw in a good one..well the one good one I found anyways….

You wouldn’t believe how hard a good one dated 2010 and beyond is to find….oh wait! You probably would…

This is a link to TOS changes on 110mb:

It’s not useful but pretty amusing.Vas had a great sense of humor.

I submitted a report to the BBB a few days ago that I’m sure Burdon and the other crack staff at 110mb will ignore and you can’t really get worse than an F which they already have as a BBB rating.The important thing is it’s out there and the bad reviews are building up more each day.There’s not much else to say except there’s no reason whatsoever to give 110mb your business.If there’s any justice in the world they will be revealed for the hack company they are and shut down for good.Kudos to Burdon for already  having more bad products coming down the shoot for you to partake of and woe to you who gets bullied into handing him money.There are plenty of free and paid hosts out there and any of them would be better than 110mb in my opinion.Do your research when picking a host and keep in mind that webhosts should be expected to perform in a manner as professional as any other company.

As for me I’ll be jumping ship as soon as I get access to my files again which based on their progress will be sometime between next year and never.Burdon is probably in Mexico right now rolling in the money he’s suckering out of people who want to believe their premium service is worth even a penny.I sincerely hope my reviews will keep people from having to learn an expensive lesson like I had to.I’m sure had Vas remained in charge 110mb would still be a top 10 webhost but I doubt there is any hope it will even be getting a 1/10 rating from customers now and that’s a shame.All Burdon had to do was take an already successful top 10 webhost and maintain it but it’s just proof positive that stupid people with money can pop up anywhere.

Goodnight webmaster hopefuls and best of luck to anyone stuck with 110mb…..

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