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A Little More About Jonathan Burdon


I have insomnia so I thought to myself “why not check some of those claims from my source’s testimony”

I’d like to start with this:

I posted this not even an hour ago in a list of reviews and at the time I thought it was odd that this nice little flower would be blooming in a field of crap.Well guess who owns Mangoorange? I’ll give you a hint…

“Jonathan Burdon’s Summary

In 2008 created which has since grown to become a top-tier website in the web hosting review industry. Used profits from this venture to purchase and acquire multiple internet business properties including but not limited to:, ProReviewTheme,,, and many more. .”

This is from Burdon’s Linkedin…

But wait! There’s more…Guess what baby’s picture isn’t in Mr. Burdon’s wallet?

This is his employment history section from Linkedin.Tell me what business you don’t see…

“CEO & Founder

SocialCoaster Inc

August 2012Present (9 months)Greater Nashville Area

Launching January 2013!


June 2008Present (4 years 11 months)”

That’s right…He doesn’t even list owning 110mb. His full profile is here:

He mentions 110mb once but never links to it,lists it in his experience or promotes it fully on the page.

This whole set of results came from me googling to investigate my sources claim about Burdon’s problems with alreadyhosting so I googled “alreadyhosting jonathan burdon”.What came up was a whole page of links to blog posts describing “the benefits of using alreadyhosting”.Nothing suspicious about that right? That was until i noticed all these blogs were Burdon’s name and a two digitnumber following on various blogging sites.

Such as this one….

Now a few things could be going on here.Either someone made a whole bunch of blogging accounts using his name as the username or he made a whole bunch of blogging accounts using his name as the username.The benefit of this is that it floods the search results as I saw on the first page of google and probably pushes down any unsavory results that would most likely be skipped over because let’s be honest…most of us never go past page 2 or 3 of the google results.Most people find what they want on page 1 and never see beyond that.I could be assuming big here but it’s not a super far off scenario when you consider it.Especially if some kind of legal scam was present and you didn’t want anyone to find links to it easily.

Now if you really think i’m grasping at straws and he just likes to blog a lot you should know all those blogs have one post and that’s the one on him describing the benefits of using alreadyhosting.As an IT person I’d say these are decoy sites.They could be decoys to flood out unsavory searches or just a way to manipulate SEO.Either way they aren’t genuine in intention and are very suspicious looking.But just in case you really don’t buy the flooding theory I went ahead a page and found this:

It’s a lovely blog by someone who talks about exactly what my source alluded to.It’s been conveniently pushed to the second page by all the decoy blogs.I tried it on multiple search engines and got a similar result.I’m glad that there’s another person besides me willing to speak out on cochroaches like Burdon.At this point I have to be honest and say this is beyond my experience with 110mb.I just don’t like Burdon and what he’s doing.He comes off as a sneaky,petty,and stupid person with an overinflated ego and he’s preying on people in an area of business that is flooded with consumers having low technical knowledge.The average Joe looking for webspace just wants to post a nice basic page with pictures of his dog or something mediocre like that.They use things like mangoorange or alreadyhosting to get directed to oh I don’t know….110mb? The idea that Burdon just makes a hobby out of buying up websites means he could very well be behind the scenes of multiple hosting and review sites and I wouldn’t put it past him to do that.Now to be fair it’s not doing him too much good because one flower in a field of weeds is really worthless at the end of the day in the case of 110mb but it’s still highly disturbing he can get away with such gross and faulty self promotion.

Basically and very transparently he has set up a lot of arrows pointing to crappy services that he’s making money from.Also true to my source’s word he took underhanded actions against the person who uncovered his bad business and called it a smear campaign.This hits close to home because since I’ve started calling out in formal argument what 110mb is doing on their forums their only defense is to throw their own poo and accuse me of something.I can only assume this is something that is a learned defense among their staff or they just naturally migrated to the other typing chimps in their general radius and formed a company.Either way it looks to be a trend and not an attractive or mature one.If they focused that much energy on their customers and the business itself I wouldn’t have any reason to write this and would have never decided to look further into who Mr. Burdon was.

I didn’t find too much else remarkable about Burdon socially.He’s on Twitter and the like of course though his Twitter has no website links and is mostly gibberish mixed in with pictures of him and what I now can’t help but see as a douchebag smile after finding out his business practices.I believe smarmy is a term one could use here,yes? He also has the gall to write advice for young entrepreneurs which is kind of laughable considering he doesn’t appear to have any idea how to run a successful business or own up to his shortcomings.

In conclusion I can’t say 100% what sort of person Mr. Burdon is but his internet presence for the most part comes off as immature,money-hungry,and unprofessional among other things.I would definitely advise anyone to be wary of doing business with him.Not only is he doing bad business but he’s unapologetic about it and seems to have a proven history of playing pass the buck or hot potato when challenged.I would not trust this man with my money,property or time ever again at this point and I suggest you do the same.

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